Choosing to visit an urgent care center to get non-emergency care doesn’t have to be a tough decision.

Although it can be difficult to trust the medical providers that are associated with some urgent/family care centers, you don’t have to worry about that with us! Our AFC Urgent Care NC team is chocked full of medical providers who are not only experienced but who also care deeply for their patients.

Read on to learn more about our AFC team!

  • We don’t send people through the hospital system when we can’t meet a need. Despite the fact that this does provide people with quality care, we know how expensive a trip to the hospital can be. Instead, our AFC team directs patients to nearby specialists so you can get quality care at a typically better price. Plus, we love to support local! Additionally, because of our strong connections with local medical professionals all across NC, we can get you an appointment in a timely manner.
  • Our staff turnover rate is low, and we promote from within. We put a lot of effort into not only providing high-quality care to our patients but also taking care of our workers. These factors allow us to retain top-notch healthcare professionals who obtain the necessary expertise it takes to help keep patients out of the emergency room. Since many of our AFC Urgent Care NC providers have been at our centers for some time, you’ll have the privilege of encountering the same friendly faces on a consistent basis!
  • We always have a doctor available. This is the case with all of our urgent care centers. Even though we don’t always have a doctor on-site, you will always be able to speak with one virtually. Many of our urgent care competitors don’t have this privilege.
  • We have great relationships with local specialists. We have nine AFC NC centers, and each center has a great relationship with specialists in their area. Because of this, this will allow us to get you to the best specialists in a timely manner.

Our AFC Urgent Care NC centers are open seven days a week, and we are passionate about meeting your non-emergency needs. Visit one of our locations today!